Building a socially motivated learning environment

Featured Speaker: Anthony Fontana
Building a socially motivated learning environment

[NOTE: Although not required, this presentation has an interactive component that would best be experienced with a mobile device, such as a laptop, iPad, or Smartphone (Droid, iPhone, etc…)]

The interactive social media based learning environment is a software system that provides a social media classroom experience for interactive learning. Students log in with a mobile device, such as an iPad or a laptop, and participate in a classroom environment in which they can view lecture slides, “chat” on-line with other users during the lecture, post rewards to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and collaborate with each other on topics. Within the learning environment, the audience may also ask, rate, and answer questions on-line. The instructor has the capability of synchronizing lecture slides on the audience’s mobile devices as well as administering quizzes throughout the lecture and displaying visual results for the quizzes.

Anthony Fontana

Anthony Fontana is a Learning Technologies Consultant and an Instructor of Art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Anthony’s pedagogical research involves the importance of divergent methodologies in the classroom, such as “play”, integrative teaching strategies, and educational technology applications that optimize learning outcomes by providing channels of content transfer most familiar to the student; something he calls “The Multichronic Classroom“. This work focuses on the use of immersive learning environments such as Second Life, social networks such as Facebook, and the way in which students stay engaged, socially motivated, and productive.  Anthony is the author of the graphic novel THE DOGS. As an artist, he has exhibited work throughout the Midwest and in online and virtual world spaces. His current work focuses on expressing internet memes through a variety of mediums, such as drawing, print, and sculpture