ELD uses a “rolling submission” model for proposals: every proposal will be reviewed and given feedback within 3 weeks of submission. Your submission will either be accepted or you’ll be provided feedback from our reviewers and offered an opportunity to revise and resubmit. We’ll continue this process of accepting or giving constructive feedback to proposals until all presentation slots are filled.

Submissions will still be accepted after November 1st, but they will be considered once the status of those submitted prior to November 1st is determined. We will work with those who submitted by the deadline and then look toward later submissions to complete the program, should presentation slots still be available.

Why this model? Two main reasons: we seen that having revise-and-resubmit cycles make our conference’s presentations the best they can be for our attendees, and accepting excellent proposals as they arrive is a great way to let our prospective audience know what to look forward to even before the whole program is finalized. In addition, this model is easier on our reviewers as we don’t get a rush of proposals on deadline day.

How do you submit a proposal? Go here to read some brief instructions on what we need in your submission, and then go HERE and supply that information. We’ll be in touch to confirm your submission was complete, and then let you know within a couple weeks the response from our reviewers.

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