OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design Schedule

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TUESDAY, MAY 30th, 2017

6:00pm to 8:00pm – Meet & Greet: Machuga Heights


WEDNESDAY, MAY 31st, 2017

7:30am – Set-Up and Registration
8:15am: Welcome

Collaborate General Session 1 – 8:45am

  • Learning Sciences: Aligning Research to the Classroom Experience
    Elliott King of Loyola University, Maryland

9:00am – Beverage Break


Collaborate Breakout Session 1 – 9:30am

  • Breakout A: The Role of the Library in Learning and Learning Design: From Staplers to Serendipity
    UN 1145
  • Breakout B: Impact on the Selection of Teaching Approaches and its Implications
    UN 1142
  • Breakout C: Aha! Applying Learning Sciences to Course Design
    UN 1120
  • Breakout D: Why Do We Care About Learning Sciences?
    UN 1121

Collaborate General Session 2 – 10:30am

  • Learning Resources: The 21st Century Library as Classroom Learning Partner
    Teresa Slobuski of San Jose State University

Collaborate Breakout Session 2 – 11:15am

  • Breakout A: Something Old, Something New: How We Work with the Modern Academy
    UN 1145
  • Breakout B: Open Access in Scholarship and Publication
    UN 1142
  • Breakout C: Collaborating with the Library in Course Design
    UN 1120
  • Breakout D: Innovation or Customer Service – What Can Today’s Library Do For Me?
    UN 1121


 12:00pm – Lunch


Collaborate General Session 3 – 12:45pm

  • Learning Design: Lessons Learned from MOOCs and Large Classroom
    Deborah Keyek-Franssen of University of Colorado System Office

Collaborate Breakout Session 3 – 1:30pm

  • Breakout A: Curating Learning Materials When Fair Use Isn’t an Option
    UN 1145
  • Breakout B: Instructional Presence When You’re Not Looking Them Right in the Eye
    UN 1142
  • Breakout C: Developing Connective Tissue and Context in Course Design
    UN 1120
  • Breakout D: MOOCs are Dead! Long Live the MOOC!
    UN 1121

 2:15pm – Beverage Break


Collaborate Panel – 2:45pm

Collaborate Wrap Up – 3:45pm

Campus Walking Tour – 4:00pm

ELD Game Night – 4:30pm


THURSDAY, JUNE 1st, 2017

7:30am: Registration and Breakfast

Concurrent Session A – 8:30am

9:30am – Beverage Break


Welcome & Keynote – 10:00am

11:00am – Meet Elliott King & Beverage Break


Concurrent Session B – 11:30am

12:30pm – Lunch (Executive Box Lunch)


Cohort Meetings – 2:00pm

  • Digital Humanities: UN 1145
  • Games & Learning/Gamification: UN 1121
  • Instructional Design: UN 1120
  • Librarian: UN 1142
  • MakerSpace/Fablab: UN 1140
  • Instructor: UN 1143

Workshops – 3:00pm

ELDc17 Community Organized Social Event– 4:30pm


FRIDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2017

7:30am: Registration and Breakfast

Concurrent Session C – 8:30am

9:30am – Beverage Break


Concurrent Session D – 10:00am

11:30am – Lunch (ELD Buffet)


SPARKS! – 12:30pm

After Party – 1:45pm

  • Additional cost & must be 21+