Following is the guest list for the Private Dinner and Networking Event that follows the Emerging Learning and Design 2012 Conference.

    • Dan Bartell, Vice President Sales, Higher Education Institutional Sales – Pearson
    • Dianne Gwynne Berger, Adjunct Faculty – Montclair State University
    • John Bonanno, Data Base Administrator – Montclair State University
    • Ted Bongiovanni, Director, Distance Learning – New York University
    • Mary Boyle, Associate Professor – Montclair State University
    • Edward Chapel, Vice President for Information Technology – Montclair State University
    • Joanne Cote-Bonanno, ELD12 Coordinating Committee Member; Associate Provost – Montclair State University
    • Steve Covello, ELD12 Presenter; Rich Media Specialist/Instructional Designer – Granite State College
    • Joshua Adam Danish, ELD12 Keynote Speaker;  Assistant Professor – Indiana University, Bloomington
    • Stephen diFilipo, Vice President/CIO – Cecil College
    • Jerry Alan Fails, Assistant Professor – Montclair State University
    • Gregg Festa, Director, ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies – Montclair State University
    • Daniel Gurskis, Incoming Dean, College of the Arts – Montclair State University
    • Susan Hussein, ELD12 Presenter; Visiting Specialist – Montclair State University
    • AJ Kelton, ELD12 Conference Chair; ELD13 Conference Co-Chair; CHSS Director of Emerging
      & Instructional Technology – Montclair State University
    • Shelley Kurland, ELD13 Conference Co-Chair; Instructional Design – County College of Morris
    • Eilish Main, Executive Director, Pearson
    • Lori McCann, Assistant Professor –  Montclair State University
    • Kirk McDermid, ELD12 Program Chair; Assistant Professor – Montclair State University
    • Rickey Moroney, ELD12 Presenter; Professor – Molloy College
    • Craig Pilant, Associate Professor – County College of Morris
    • Sheri Prupis, Director, Educational Technology Initiatives – NJEDge.Net
    • David Smith, Chair, Entertainment Technology – New York City College of Technology-CUNY
    • Yanling Sun, Director-TTI – Montclair State University
    • Cigdem Talgar, Acting Director, Research Academy for University Learning – Montclair State University

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ELD conferences provide physical space for the ongoing discussion of how pedagogy, research, and scholarship can be be enhanced and transformed by technology. The purpose is to showcase innovation as well as to engage in a vibrant and dynamic discourse. The ELD Annual Conference makes its home at Montclair State University (MSU.)