ELD Learning Design Challenge

One of the key characteristics of good learning design is to be imaginative, creative, and innovative. The Learning Design Challenge provides inspiration and opportunity to be creative or practice a skill.

Challenges are meant to be quick and easy, while encouraging you to take a “creative break” during your professional lives.

How to get started:

Follow @ELDCommunity on Twitter – or – sign up for an ELD Membership to get challenges via our newsletter.

Once you complete the prompt, follow the instructions to share what you created.

You do not need to wait for a new prompt to join in the fun.  Check out some of our past prompts and let the creative juices start to flow!

[if possible, insert a feed of tweets with the #eldchallenge hashtag]


  1. PRACTICE creative design each month.
  2. DOCUMENT what you design in a photo, video, or text.
  3. SHARE it with our private group on Slack or by tweeting @ELDCommunity on Twitter.
  4. REPEAT Each month we will share a fun prompt for anyone who wants to add a regular dose of inspiration to their design practice.
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