The Montclair State University campus is located right next to two train stations. The Montclair Heights train station, located at the south end of campus, isjust a few steps away from the main body of the campus. The Montclair State University train station, located at the northwest end of campus, has a campus shuttle service to the main campus area. The Montclair-Boonton line does make stops at both stations.

– For a listing of available train service from your location to the Montclair train stations go to: NJTransit’s Train Station (Station to Station) Web service.

– For a PDF of the Montclair-Boonton (MidTown Direct) Line Schedule.

– For NJ Transit Service information for student discount passes.

New York City
MidTown Direct – New Service to Midtown Manhatten

MidTOWN DIRECT-Montclair service operates between Montclair Heights Station and Penn Station New York from early morning until late evening, Monday through Friday. Peak period service will also run to and from Hoboken Heights and Newark Broad Street stations, plus you can use either MidTOWN DIRECT-Montclair or Hoboken-bound trains to reach Newark Broad Street Station. Call 1-800-626-RIDE or visit for complete NJTransit information and schedules.

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