The ELD conference is meant to engage individuals in lively discussion whilst offering a welcoming platform in which they can express their ideas on pedagogy. Previous ELD conferences have proved to exceed individuals expectations, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are some comments that past attendees shared:

ELDc Environment:

“Intimate, friendly setting where it is easy to network, exchange ideas and find collaborators.”
– Higher Education, Professor, Instructor, or Teacher

“Fun and engaging conference – after attending 3 years in a row can safely say I always leave feeling inspired with several things I want to read or projects to check out.”
– Higher Education, Librarian

“Excellent energy. Excellent intellectual discussion”
– Higher Education, Academic Coach

“The networking opportunities, open format, scheduled workshops were all great!”
– K-12 Education, Administrator

“Interesting place where educators meet to discuss emerging trends in learning.”
– Nonprofit; General Public Education

“Go! It’s more than worth it for stimulating discussions and to learn about new tools and techniques across the intersection of learning, technology, and social media.”
– Instructional Design Student with Corporate tech background

“I like the time built in for more networking opportunities.”


ELDc Presentations:

“Well prepared, practical and engaging presentations.”
– Higher Education, Professor, Instructor, or Teacher

“Useful for brainstorming teaching techniques and styles. Interesting people; good amount of time.”
– Nonprofit; General Public Education

“Great opportunity to develop your repertoire, ideas for emerging technologies and techniques in education”
– K-12 Education, Administrator

“I learned so many things and thought about topics I previously hadn’t considered in just two days, and had great discussions with others interested in these topics.”
– Instructional Design Student with Corporate tech background

“Outstanding information that was directly applicable to my work.”

“I’d never seen presentations given in this way, i.e. within such a short amount of time, but they were great in getting bite sized information about new educational technology trends”

“Good discussions between sessions extremely well organized and facilitated!”

ELDc Tweets:

“Definitely walked away with multiple somethings, thanks ‪#eld16 organizers and attendees.”

“Great discussion on how undetectable wearable tech will impact class learning. ‪#eld16”

“Our culture has gendered ‪#making – baking, crochet, pottery isn’t considered ‪#makerculture but it should be ‪@leahbuechley keynote ‪#eld16”

‪”People are more engaged when they have a say in their learning – personal engagement! #ELD16″

“An excellent and instructionally stimulating day at the Emerging Learning Design Conference! ‪#eld16”

“To ‪@leahbuechley for your presentation on overcoming misconceptions of diversity and gender disparities in ‪#stem. Stem is everywhere ‪#eld16”