Emerging Learning Design 2019

  • Montclair, NJ
  • May 30-31, 2019

Our Keynote

Cultivating Connected Growth and Life Change: From Immersive Worlds to Empowered Ecosystems

In this talk, Dr. Barab will share experiences as a game designer and learning scientist moving from a focus on knowledge transactions to empowered ecosystems. Rather than a focus on games as products, and change as something one does to another, the work positions growth as a shared accomplishment distributed among the designers, the service providers, and, especially, those being impacted … all in relation to local ecosystems. 

A Generation Emerging...

Perhaps more than ever in human history, students today are aware of how they are positioned in the world. With a wide range of technology readily available, being part of a global conversation is no longer just the realm of multi-national companies, it is in the hands of anyone with an internet connection. Due to the hypercycling of products, tools, trends, etc., youth not only are, but need to be living on the bleeding edge.  Staying current is not just fashionable; it is a powerful skill that is necessary to remain nimble. As debt levels and in particular student debt increase while salaries remain stagnant, people need to be intentional when spending resources towards learning. However, as traditional markets collapse, opportunities for the future are also materializing. In the rapid cycling marketplace, beta test is the product and can be the difference between phenomenon and implosion. While all of this has led to an era of uncertainty, it also provides many opportunities for early adopters to transcend structures to make their voices heard. The students of today and tomorrow are living in and being shaped by these conditions. With passion for social responsibility, dedication to diversity, and ambition for engagement, this is a generation emerging.


ELDc19 seeks to grapple with the issues facing the emerging generation and their educational journey. With a society in flux, educating students for an unknown future presents exciting challenges. Self-driving cars, self-replicating AI, and transhumanism will all be common rather than merely on the pages of a science fiction novel in the not so distant future. This future will augment the potential for learner experience design. ELD invites you to engage with and reflect upon how we can best educate the generation emerging and leverage their forward thinking ideals to propel society forward.

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