The Concurrent sessions, the traditional and familiar presentations at conferences, are 45-minutes long, including Q&A and can be done individually, as a group, or as a panel.  Our expectation, however, is that your presentation will depart from the very traditional “read a paper” strategy.  Proposals aimed at this session type should include information that assures reviewers the time will be well spent, accomplishing explicitly stated goals for the audience.  At least 5 minutes should be budgeted for questions or discussion at the end of the session (though proposals that make room for interaction with the speaker throughout the presentation are encouraged.)

Workshop sessions are 90 minutes (including a small break at the half way point) and should be focused on practical demonstrations or activities to develop attendees’ facility with particular concepts, technology, or pedagogy.  Reviewers will be prioritizing proposals that focus on readily implementable projects and workshops that can reasonably promise to teach the audience usable skills or techniques during the workshop itself.  We encourage proposals that can accommodate audience input or feedback during the workshop (e.g., that allow attendees to apply your ideas to their issues or content, to explore it in contexts relevant to attendees.)

Sparks! sessions are 5 minute ‘mini-keynote’ presentations delivered in the main conference room to all conference attendees.  Although short, these presentations have the opportunity to be very dynamic and engaging to the audience.  Because they are held in the main conference room with all attendees, presenters in the Sparks! session have an opportunity to reach a wider audience than with the other session types. As with all presentation, the revise-and-resubmit model of reviewing will allow us to help craft your presentation to make it as impactful and engaging in the brief presentation format.  For previous attendees who are familiar with the Ignite! session, the Sparks! sessions do not require that presenters use timed powerpoint slides limited to 20 slides for 15 seconds each.  Sparks! presenters may utilize their desired presentation platform but are still limited to a 5-minute presentation.

The Program Committee and its reviewers will be evaluating each proposal based primarily upon the submitter’s choice of session, but may advise the submitter to consider an alternate type in their feedback.

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