Cohort Group (sometimes called Special Interest Groups or SIGs): Cohort Groups provide an informal learning environment in which members can collaborate, discuss, and share ideas pertaining to current topics for the group.  The meeting allows brainstorming opportunities as well as informative peer-to-peer collaborative thinking. The open discussion setting allows individuals who share a common interest to engage with one another in lively discussion regarding a key topic. Existing Cohort Groups include: Faculty, Instructional Design, and Librarian.


Workshop: A place for people to go to learn more about their interest area. While the workshops are based on keywords that cater to different interests, you do not have to have prior knowledge of the subject to attend. Workshops stand out from other sessions due to their length, as they have a much longer format than the others. Also, workshops usually contain some type of hands on component that really let the attendees interact with what they are interested in. Workshops are a place that encourage growth as well as foster new ideas and relationships in other categories that can be beneficial to any interest area.


Concurrent Sessions: Concurrent sessions are presentations about a variety of topics that occur at the same time. This gives those attending the conference a chance to pick what type of session they want to go to based on interest and personalize their experience. Presentations with similar focuses or keywords are typically separated into different sessions so that there is something interesting for everyone during each session block. Each attendee’s conference experience will be unique because of the choices they make during concurrent sessions. 


SPARKS!: Sparks is a fun and non-traditional way of sharing your expertise with those around you. Each speaker will get 5 minutes to showcase their projects or findings to the audience. At the 5 minute mark, a timer will sound and quickly transition to the next presenter. Because of the fast-paced style, Sparks sessions are often lively and energetic, and focus on keywords. The Sparks sessions allow creativity with your own presentation in ways such as speeches, videos, or visual aids. The session is informal and allows the audience to get acquainted with new ideas or topics very quickly.



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