For ELD13 there are three session types:

  • Concurrent session
    • 30-minute: The 30-minute time slot is ideal for short papers or brief discussions of projects.  We anticipate 20 minutes of presentation with a 10-minute question/discussion period, or 30 minutes of directed discussion by the presenter as the common ways to use these sessions, though other options are welcome.  (Please make sure you clearly discuss how you will use your time, so that reviewers have unambiguous information to evaluate your presentation, and program committees can be confident in scheduling.)
    • 60 minute: The 60-minute time slot is more appropriate for more extended discussions or roundtables.  We discourage paper-reading or lecture-type proposals from these sessions, as the lack of interaction with audiences is a marked liability over this timeframe.  If this is your preferred session length, please supply reviewers with enough information to reassure them that your session will profit from more than 30 minutes, but is not suitable for a 90 minute workshop-type session.
  • Workshop (90-minute) – The 90-minute sessions are most appropriate for workshop-type presentations, where audience members are expected to explore technologies or pedagogies in interactive fashion at the direction of the presenter.  If you wish to be considered for a 90-minute session, please clearly describe the activities the audience will be engaging in so that reviewers can judge the feasibility of your proposal knowledgeably.
  • Ignite & Engage! – Ignite! sessions have increased in popularity since their origin in 2006.  Ignites! are very short, fast-paced slideshows 5 minutes in total length, with slides automatically advancing every 15 seconds.  They are intended to be engaging “elevator pitches” that promote awareness of issues and provoke discussion.  (See for details of O’Reilly Media’s Ignite! conferences.)  We are using our Ignite sessions as ‘mini-keynotes’, in contrast with the longer sessions that will run concurrently, and will also be providing Ignite presenters with time & space after the Ignite sessions to connect with audience members – what we’re calling the “Engage!” postsession.  Proposals for Ignites should give reviewers details on content, but the finished slideshow would not be required at the time of submission.  (The Program Committee will work with presenters to arrange and finalize the slideshow with Ignite presenters after acceptance.)  The Engage! postsession is unstructured and audience-driven, so the proposal need not contain any material specifically for this component.

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