Following is the guest list for the Private Dinner and Networking Event that follows the Emerging Learning and Design 2012 Conference.

    • Dan Bartell, Vice President Sales, Higher Education Institutional Sales – Pearson
    • Dianne Gwynne Berger, Adjunct Faculty – Montclair State University
    • John Bonanno, Data Base Administrator – Montclair State University
    • Ted Bongiovanni, Director, Distance Learning – New York University
    • Mary Boyle, Associate Professor – Montclair State University
    • Edward Chapel, Vice President for Information Technology – Montclair State University
    • Joanne Cote-Bonanno, ELD12 Coordinating Committee Member; Associate Provost – Montclair State University
    • Steve Covello, ELD12 Presenter; Rich Media Specialist/Instructional Designer – Granite State College
    • Joshua Adam Danish, ELD12 Keynote Speaker;  Assistant Professor – Indiana University, Bloomington
    • Stephen diFilipo, Vice President/CIO – Cecil College
    • Jerry Alan Fails, Assistant Professor – Montclair State University
    • Gregg Festa, Director, ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies – Montclair State University
    • Daniel Gurskis, Incoming Dean, College of the Arts – Montclair State University
    • Susan Hussein, ELD12 Presenter; Visiting Specialist – Montclair State University
    • AJ Kelton, ELD12 Conference Chair; ELD13 Conference Co-Chair; CHSS Director of Emerging
      & Instructional Technology – Montclair State University
    • Shelley Kurland, ELD13 Conference Co-Chair; Instructional Design – County College of Morris
    • Eilish Main, Executive Director, Pearson
    • Lori McCann, Assistant Professor –  Montclair State University
    • Kirk McDermid, ELD12 Program Chair; Assistant Professor – Montclair State University
    • Rickey Moroney, ELD12 Presenter; Professor – Molloy College
    • Craig Pilant, Associate Professor – County College of Morris
    • Sheri Prupis, Director, Educational Technology Initiatives – NJEDge.Net
    • David Smith, Chair, Entertainment Technology – New York City College of Technology-CUNY
    • Yanling Sun, Director-TTI – Montclair State University
    • Cigdem Talgar, Acting Director, Research Academy for University Learning – Montclair State University
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