Emerging Learning Design

Purpose and Mission Statement

Comprised of academic and learning community members from around the country, the Emerging Learning Design Executive Board (ELD EB) oversees and assists in the organization and implementation of all ELD activities, events, and projects.  ELD is firmly committed to the idea that, although technology has become a critical partner in teaching and learning, the pedagogy must always take precedence.

The two major efforts the ELD EB oversees are the annual Emerging Learning Design Conference and the Journal of Emerging Learning Design.  The EB also plays an active role in the development, maintenance, and growth of the ELD Community, which is dedicated to creating a space to showcase innovation and to engage in a vibrant and dynamic discourse regarding pedagogy and how technology can better enhance and transform it.

Executive Board members are volunteers who serve 2-year terms, with no term limit currently set. A “year” on the ELD EB begins on June 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year, meaning a two-year term is 25 months. EB Members whose terms are expiring will be notified in January of the year the term expires.  In order to allow time for replacement, EB Members are asked to notify the Membership Committee Chair of their desire to remain on the EB no later than March 31st of the year his/her term expires.

Executive Board Members

Name Institution         Terms Current Since
Executive Director
AJ Kelton
Montclair State Univeristy 4 2016-2018 2010
Associate Director
Veronica Armour
Seton Hall University 2 2017-2019 2015
Teresa Slobuski
Pennsylvania State Univeristy 2 2016-2018 2014
Catherine Baird Montclair State University 2 2016-2018 2014
Jeff Bergin Learning Research & Design at Macmillan Learning 1 2018-2020 2018
Michelle Brannen University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2 2016-2018 2014
Michael Dixon University of Richmond 1 2016-2018 2016
C.L. Eddins Berkeley College 1 2018-2020 2018
Charles Elliott Concord University 1 2016-2018 2016
Jerry Alan Fails Boise State University 1 2016-2018 2016
Kirk McDermid Montclair State University 4 2017-2019 2011
Karen Schrier Marist College 1 2016-2018 2016
Ralph Vacca New York University 1 2016-2018 2016

ELD conferences provide physical space for the ongoing discussion of how pedagogy, research, and scholarship can be be enhanced and transformed by technology. The purpose is to showcase innovation as well as to engage in a vibrant and dynamic discourse. The ELD Annual Conference makes its home at Montclair State University (MSU.)