ELD is counting the days until the 2019 Annual Conference
and we want to give you a chance to help us spread the word
and possibly get a great discount on joining us!


Starting with the April 26th Weekly Newsletter, and running for four consecutive weeks, ELD will run a Twitter Challenge. 

What do you have to do to qualify? We’ve made it simple – Tweet or Re-Tweet! That’s it!

See the tabs below for which tweets count and how we will determine which are selected.  ELD will be providing a 25% discount, a 50% discount, and a 100% discount on our 2019 conference registration as well as 17 upgrades to Member+ membership.

In the morning on May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, and May 24th, each qualifying Tweet or Re-Tweet will get put into a hat each week and someone will draw out five qualifying entries (really, we’re going to draw from a hat! And we’ll have video to prove it!).



  • Follow us on Twitter @ELDCommunity.

  • Retweet the weekly Friday post at @ELDCommunity. DO NOT edit the tweet or remove the hashtags (#eldc19 and #GenerationEmerging)


If you are an ELD member, look for our weekly newsletter, where you’ll find three PRE-WRITTEN Tweets. Tweet one or more of those for additional entries.

Not a member? No problem, sign up at our membership page – it’s FREE.


No matter what the content – an individual tweet will be counted once per day per account.

Any additional tweets (with our hashtags, of course!) will count as additional entries.

Each additional tweet must have different text/content to count as separate entries, so add any information you want! These are unlimited entries per day, so have fun!

We will even publish 3 PRE-WRITTEN Tweets in ELD’s Weekly Newsletter for you to use each week, so you don’t have to think of anything. Just copy and tweet.

Not a member – click here for our Membership page – it’s FREE

Go ahead and retweet others’ ELD contest tweets, those count as entries too!


On Friday morning, we will use search.twitter.com to produce a list of all tweets that meet the qualifications.

All qualifying tweets will be “tossed into a hat” (see above!).

The first one (1) selected each week will be provided the percentage discount on registration (varies per week). The winning submission will be removed from the batch.

Four (4) more entries will be selected each week and will be provided an upgrade from the FREE Member Membership to the Member+ Membership. These four (4) entries will be returned to the pool in order to be eligible to the next week’s selection.

Fine Print

Those selected for the discounted registration will receive a code to be used during registration for the 2019 Emerging Learning Design Conference. If those selected have already registered for the conference, their account will be refunded the amount of the percentage discount. If those selected do not plan to attend the 2019 Emerging Learning Design Conference, they may transfer the code to another registrant. The discount code is only valid for registration for the 2019 Annual conference and expires on June 1st, 2019.  

Those selected for a membership upgrade will have their ELD regular Membership upgraded to Member+. Benefits of the upgrade become effective immediately. If the person select is not currently an ELD member, they would need to sign up at URL before their membership could be upgraded has already paid for a Member+ Membership (either directly or via ELDc19 Registration) the fee they paid will be refunded.already has a Member+ membership, they may designate someone else to receive the complimentary upgrade Complimentary membership upgrades are valid until December 31st, 2019.

ELD reserves the right to use the Twitter Account name and icon of those who are selected for any of the above for any purpose, including promotional. We do not sell or share membership information outside of the ELD organization or preferred Institutional members. Information regarding users who participate is not shared outside of the organization. The only information used for the Twitter Challenge is name, Twitter username, email, and membership status with Emerging Learning Design. Only Twitter usernames will be announced via ELD weekly newsletter for the designated weeks that the challenge in running.

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