How do I submit a proposal?

Visit our online submission form and enter the details it requires. Simple!

What does my proposal need to contain?

You’ll enter all the information on your presentation directly into the form.  We need:

  • basic contact information
  • your proposed title (75 character limit)
  • a 500-word abstract
  • the intended structure of the session, meaning, how you expect to spend your time during the session.  This should include, but is not limited to: what activities, topics, and/or demonstrations attendees might experience, if your presentation is primarily a talk/lecture, topics you intend to discuss (and in what proportions)
  • The intended session type.  (Please read the descriptions of session types here.)  Like all aspects of the proposal, session types aren’t “cast in stone”; the Program Committee may suggest changing the session type at some stage in the review process.
  • a set of outcomes/take aways that your audience can expect as a result of attending your presentation.Your attached proposal needs to have enough basic information in it for our reviewers to give you constructive feedback .

Remember, we are employing a revise-and-resubmit model, so the more information you can give us about your proposal, the better we can evaluate it and guide you towards a presentation that will suit ELDc17’s audience and be an effective platform for your ideas.

It should NOT contain the following:

Identifying information – the reviews are double-blind (you don’t know who is reviewing, they don’t know who is submitting).

What are the different session types?

A description of the different session types can be found here.

When is the deadline to submit.

ELD uses a rolling submission model with a revise and resubmit process, similar to the way a journal works.  Every proposal will be reviewed and given feedback within 2 weeks of submission. Your submission will either be accepted or you’ll be provided feedback from our reviewers and offered an opportunity to revise and resubmit. We’ll continue this process of accepting or giving constructive feedback to proposals until all presentation slots are filled.  The initial submission deadline is October 10, 2016. All proposals received by the above deadline, whether eventually accepted or not, will be included in a drawing for a complimentary ELD17 full registration.

Submissions will still be accepted after October 10th, but they will be considered in the second round of proposals.  We will work with those who submitted by the initial deadline and then look toward later submissions to complete the program, should presentation slots still be available.

Why this model? Two main reasons: we seen that having revise-and-resubmit cycles make our conference’s presentations the best they can be for our attendees, and accepting excellent proposals as they arrive is a great way to let our prospective audience know what to look forward to even before the whole program is finalized. In addition, this model is easier on our reviewers as we don’t get a rush of proposals on deadline day.

Are there grants or funding opportunities for either attendees or presenters?

ELD works to keep the annual conference as reasonably priced as possible, allowing greater opportunity for those who would like to attend.  At this time, we do not have any grants for attendance or presenting.  Those who have a presentation accepted are provided a code that allows for a discount on registration.  Although a discount will be offered for ELDc17, pricing and discount information is not yet available.

I don’t see my question answered here.

No problem, just write to us at and someone from the Program Committee will respond.

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