DONUTS & DESIGN : Your Idea, Your Agenda, Your Choice

ELD is excited introduce a new session type this year: Donuts and Design.  A quirky mix between a poster session format and an unconference approach, Donuts & Design puts you, all ELD attendees, in control of the agenda.  Bring your ideas, your thoughts, anything you may want to talk about, or see, or hear more about.

ELD’s Donuts and Designs gives our attendees the power to drive the agenda; it is a combination of an unconference and poster sessions.  At our opening on Thursday the 30th we will briefly go over the idea behind the Donuts & Design program, answer any questions you might have, and then help folks start brainstorming ideas.

Not including the explanation and brainstorming Thursday at the opening session, there are a total of two Design and Donuts sessions, one on Thursday at 1:15pm and one on Friday at 11am.  

There will be two rolling white boards available throughout the conference, one dedicated to Thursday’s DnD and one to Friday’s.  Each board will be divided into squares where anyone can add their name and the concept/idea/demo/software/anything they want to talk.  Other attendees will mark the items they are most interested in or want to hearing more about.

You can put your idea down for Thursday’s DnD, or Friday’s, or both!  Immediately prior to the DnD session, event organizers will add room numbers to the different idea boxes.  When you return from lunch prior to the 1:15pm DnD start, go check out the whiteboard. You are then welcome to visit whichever ideas interested you.

Short answer: YOU!

“Presenter” might not be the right word as this is not a structured formal presentation, more like a ongoing conversation on a topic, idea, project, etc.. with other members of the community.

There are TWO Donuts & Design sessions, so add your name and idea on one day, get input from others, wander around and see what others are presenting at the other.  Or do both for a bit on both days.  These sessions are YOUR ideas, YOUR agenda, YOUR choice!

How much you prepare is entirely up to you and should reflect what you hope to accomplish.  Using the EXAMPLES listed in the next tab, here is how those folks might prepare:

  • ex: VR Headset Demo or Test Game for a Class
    For self-contained demos like this, just bring it!
    Have a question about bringing it? Write to
    If you’ll need to connect to a computer – let us know at so we can connect you with the technical support folks.
  • ex: Emerging Learning Design Journal
    is available to talk about the proceedings issue, submission requirements, etc…
  • ex: online software demo
    Demo on your own equipment or write to to see about potential tech support.
  • ex: Continue presentation discussion
    The presenter can provide hand outs, or print slides.  If you want to have something to put a poster or slides on, email
  • Someone brings a VR headset to demo the new immersive application being developed
  • An instructional designer brings in a test game they are working on for a class s/he is consulting on
  • The Emerging Learning Design Journal is available to talk about the proceedings issue, submission requirements, etc…
  • A faculty members demonstrates an online software designed to help students work online in groups.
  • A presenter wants to talk about their topic outside of their schedule presentation
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