Maria Dolores Orta González

Dolores Orta is a lecturer in two core subjects in the areas of pronunciation and language of the Translation and Teaching majors at the School of Languages, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina. She has completed several postgraduate courses in Applied Linguistics with The University of Leicester in the UK and is presently writing the dissertation for an MA in Technology and Education and designing hypermedia materials for university students. She is an active researcher who has led university-funded research groups since 2010 in the field of language learning strategies and has published extensively on language learning strategies, affective factors in language learning, blended learning and materials design. She is passionate about the transformative powers of technology and emerging paradigms in tertiary education.

2017 Presentation Abstract:Teaching EFL Pronunciation Through Audiovisual Remixes of Children’s Tales

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

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Spring is in the air and so is exciting information from Emerging Learning Design!

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