ELD Social Media and Communication Policy

Overview: ELD wants to ensure the ability to communicate in an efficient manner to its member, potential members, and observers.  The main objective of this policy is to ensure users are able to locate and receive the necessary information that reflects the progression, updates, and future plans of ELD.  

Objective: Using various social media platforms will allow ELD to reach its community in a variety of ways.  Each platform will have a primary responsibility for communicating information.  Some platforms will be used in multiple facets in order to achieve the objectives while other platforms will have a specific purpose for delivering information and communicating with its followers.  ELD will analyze data collected via our social media platforms in order to maximize our ability to reach our community effectively


Here are the main goals for ELD Social Media:

  1. Promote the group’s main agenda
  2. Maintain a high level of engagement on important topics within Higher Education
  3. Keep the higher education community together through critical and most relevant information
  4. Use Social Media to promote ELD
  5. Display ELD reputation as an asset to the higher education community

Social Media Platforms:

Below are Social Networking Sites that are currently in use by Emerging Learning Design, however, the policy still applies to additional social media channels that are not specifically listed here:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+

ELD Social Media User Rules & Regulations

The following will provide guidelines community members are expected to respect when  participating in ELD’s digital community, which includes our web site, Google Group, social media, and other ELD spaces..

  1. ELD main rule is it to create an effective, positive, and outgoing social media platform that works for all people.
  2. Anything posted on an ELD website by individuals or groups is not necessarily supported by ELD.
  3. Information posted on any ELD social media page that is deemed to be offensive, discriminating, and/or racial charged will be deleted and reported.  Continuing behavior can lead to being blocked from ELD social media pages
  4. Any content that has been posted on any ELD social media page now becomes public domain and can be used by ELD at any given time
  5. Information that is posted by ELD on their social media pages and used for other content must be cited and reference given ELD credit
  6. Information that is posted by ELD on their social media pages and used for other content must be cited and reference given ELD credit

ELD conferences provide physical space for the ongoing discussion of how pedagogy, research, and scholarship can be be enhanced and transformed by technology. The purpose is to showcase innovation as well as to engage in a vibrant and dynamic discourse. The ELD Annual Conference makes its home at Montclair State University (MSU.)