Emerging Learning Design Journal (ELDj), the first journal published by Montclair State University, is pleased to announce that is also the first journal to appear in Montclair State University’s new Digital Commons. As ELDj continues to grow, providing articles to inspire pedagogy, and a platform to share research, it looks forward to the expanded access for MSU faculty, as well as an international audience, via bepress’s Digital Commons. Michelle Brannen, Executive Board member of ELD, says that its presence in the repository “provides better access [for researchers] in terms of indexing from browsers and also databases” making the works published in this journal easier to find than it was before.

The idea for the journal came about a couple of years after the first ELD conference. AJ Kelton, and the other ELD conference organizers, wanted to encourage greater faculty participation through publication of a conference proceedings. Dr. Kelton, along with ELDj’s first Editor-in-Chief, Cigdem Talgar, and Mary Mallery, MSU Sprague Library Associate Dean at the time, established the journal as Journal of Emerging Learning Design in 2013. In November 2016, the journal changed its name to the Emerging Learning Design Journal (ELDj), establishing different submission formats, reflecting ELDj as a growing platform, and providing a roadmap for the future.

In addition to building on its success prior, ELDj is excited to be part of MSU’s Digital Commons, as it receives more recognition through this repository. Judith Lin Hunt, the Dean of Library Services at Montclair State, said that “We are very excited to have the Emerging Learning Design Journal as the first journal in the Montclair State University Digital Commons. Sprague Library looks forward to supporting more of the scholarly initiatives of our faculty, staff, and students and welcoming more journals to this platform.”

For more information on ELDj and Digital Commons, please visit https://digitalcommons.montclair.edu/eldj/

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