Like everyone else, those of us at Emerging Learning Design were surprised and saddened by the recent news that the New Media Consortium (NMC) ceased operations suddenly on December 18th.

NMC has been an important part of ELD. We have been non-profit partners since 2014, when they collaborated with us on ELDc15 and ELDc16, and we with them on their Summer Conference those same two years.  This year, because the conferences were so close in date, NMC and ELD decided to co-host the recent NMC>Beyond The Horizon: The Digital Humanities Today webinar, instead.

As sad as we are to see the 25 years of exceptional work done with the NMC come to an end, our thoughts and concerns turn to those who worked for NMC and now find themselves without an employer, at a difficult time of year.  

ELD wishes former NMC employees all the best and a quick restart in wonderful new career directions.  Even the most difficult times can produce the most amazing results.

The Emerging Learning Design Executive Board
AJ Kelton, Chair
Veronica Armour
Catherine Baird
Jeff Bergin
Michelle Brannen
Michael Dixon
C.L. Eddins
Chuck Elliott
Jerry Alan Fails
Kirk McDermid
Megan Nacy
Karen Schrier
Teresa Slobuski
Ralph Vacca

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