Don’t forget to use our hashtag when talking about OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design! The next couple of days we will be engaging in conversation with our followers through Twitter so make sure you’re on the lookout!


In order to stay up to date with all of our conversations, there are three actions you can take.

  1. Follow @ELDconf on Twitter
  2. Search for the hashtag #OLCwELD in the search bar on Twitter
  3. Follow the link to our website and where you will find a live Twitter feed when #OLCwELD is mentioned at


We want to talk to you! When you see our conversations on Twitter, tweet us your thoughts. We want to network with all our conference attendees!

Not on Twitter?Join the conversation on Facebook at

To register for OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design, click “Register Today” or follow the link at See you next week at #OLCwELD and even sooner on Twitter!

Join our digital community Google Group at

Join us on Facebook for ELDc and ELDj, Google+, and Twitter!

Use the hashtag #OLCwELD for the conference, #eldj for the journal.


ELDc believes that when innovative and intellectual practices stimulate a students and educators ability to learn, the learning environment is enhanced. When teaching, learning, and technology converge we find the potential for an inclusive learning experience that is both engaging and connected to curricular needs, without being dated.

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