Calling All Librarians!

OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design provides excellent opportunities for librarians.  


The 21st Century Library as Classroom Learning Partner by Teresa Slobuski

Breakout Session A: Something Old, Something New: How We Work with the Modern Academy
Breakout Session B: Open Access in Scholarship and Publication
Breakout Session C: Collaborating with the Library in Course Design
Breakout Session D: Innovation or Customer Service – What Can Today’s Library Do For Me?

With the Dice in the Library: Tabletop Games and Culture by Teresa Slobuski

What’s mine is YOURLS by Kimberly Abrams and Junior Tidal

We’ve also dedicated a cohort meeting to librarians on Thursday, June 1 at 2:00.



You can find registration by clicking above or at for OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design! After registration, use the hashtag #OLCwELD to let us know you’ll be joining us!

Remember, space is limited so make sure to secure your spot today!


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ELDc believes that when innovative and intellectual practices stimulate a students and educators ability to learn, the learning environment is enhanced. When teaching, learning, and technology converge we find the potential for an inclusive learning experience that is both engaging and connected to curricular needs, without being dated.


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