#OLCwELD – OLC Collaborate with ELD – General Session Presentations

OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design would like to introduce our three General Session speakers on Wednesday, May 31st!

General Session 1

Dr. Elliot King of University of Loyola, Maryland

Learning Sciences: Aligning Research to the Classroom Experience

General Session 2

Deb Keyek-Frannsen of University of Colorado

Learning Design: Lessons Learned from Moocs and Large Classroom Environments

General Session 3

Teresa Slobuski of San Jose State University

Learning Resources: The 21st Century Library as Classroom Learning Partner

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ELDc believes that when innovative and intellectual practices stimulate a students and educators ability to learn, the learning environment is enhanced. When teaching, learning, and technology converge we find the potential for an inclusive learning experience that is both engaging and connected to curricular needs, without being dated.


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