RA-based Didactic Games for Biology Teaching

By Leidys Contreras Chinchilla and Deiner Restrepo Duràn

This paper presents the design and development of a mobile application based on augmented reality (AR), as a teaching tool to support learning in the area of biology students from elementary school. The RA is a technology that combines elements of the real world with elements of virtual world in real time, this is done by using markers (image), which when focused with the camera of a mobile device, display multimedia content (objects 3d, text, videos and other.).

For the realization of this project began with the review of applications with RA in various environments, then a survey was conducted  between teachers to the school selected for the development of this project in order to identify areas and most critical themes, which led to the design of an application to support the teaching of biology area. Finally, a prototype was developed and tested among students and teachers of selected school.

With the development of this project it was evident that the RA as a teaching tool improvement the learning of topics of Biology, because students can learn in an interactive and fun way, so as to achieve their attention.

The presentation is a workshop style talk where the participants can interact with the mobile application

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