Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee, MS, RN, has been working with meaningful games (and game-related technology) for over a decade, having been a developer-researcher on the MacArthur Foundatios’s “Virtual Worlds and the Public Good” project during his time at the University of Southern California, designing the simulation and assessment tools of the American Nurses Foundation’s “PTSD Toolkit for Nurses”, and investigating the mechanisms behind toxicity and churn in online communities during a Fulbright term. His current research focuses on how design cues and socio-economic determinants shape user engagement & perceived social support in online communities, with an eye towards creating communities that better support user mental and emotional wellbeing. In addition to being a Hillman Scholar in Nursing Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania, he serves as Creative Director of AFK Studios (an independent design studio focused on meaningful games), and co-chairs the Serious Games SIG of the International Game Developers Association.

2017 Presentation Abstract: The Specter of Edutainment: Re-emergent Mistakes & Opportunities

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