Creating Short Educational Videos: A Streamlined Process for Beginners

By Katelyn Lemay

With the increased popularity of the flipped classroom as of late, multimedia content, specifically video, is becoming a standard part of the classroom experience. According to a 2015 whitepaper from SAGE, 68% of students watch videos as part of their coursework and 79% of students voluntarily watch videos (not assigned by the instructor) to enhance their understanding of a topic. Similarly, a 2016 survey of teachers, instructional designers, and other education professionals by Kaltura showed that 93% feel video has a positive impact on student satisfaction, while 88% feel video boosts student achievement levels.

Though students expect video to be a part of their learning experience, they admit to having short attention spans. The SAGE study found that students on average do not watch a single video for more than 10 minutes, and they tend to multitask (i.e., use a second browser window or screen) while a video plays. At the same time, instructors are hesitant to create video content because there is the perception that one must be a professional video producer in order to do so. They fear investing a lot of time and resources into something that will be ultimately ignored by students.

This workshop outlines a workflow for creating simple yet effective PowerPoint + narration videos. Participants learn basic principles of multimedia design and digital storytelling techniques, and learn to use that knowledge to present academic content in comprehensible, compelling short-form videos. The workshop also provides a survey of free and low-cost tools for recording, editing, and publishing media. A quick demonstration will be followed by hands-on practice with recording narration and editing a video. Finally, we will explore possibilities for video in the classroom beyond flipped lectures including assistance for non-native speakers and students with disabilities, student projects, and more.

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