Jonathan Howell

Jonathan Howell is an assistant professor and engaged teaching fellow in the Department of Linguistics at Montclair State University.  He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University where he taught at the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines.

Jonathan’s linguistic research focuses on prosody, the “music” of language (e.g. intonation, stress and rhythm) and how we employ it to create meaning.  This research is unique in its integration of diverse methodologies, including the use of naturally-occurring speech on the web, such as podcasts and videos, speech data collected in the laboratory and advanced computational methods.  He recently published an article in the journal Laboratory Phonology titled “Acoustic classification of focus: On the web and in the lab.”

Jonathan’s teaching and learning research focuses on 21st century fluencies, in particular quantitative and information literacies. He recently co-authored a chapter “Exploring authority in linguistics research: who to trust when everyone’s a language expert.”

2017 Presentation Abstract:Too hot, cold or just right: Technology for numeracy in the non-STEM class 

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