Call For Conference Proposals and Journal Articles Extended to December 12th.

There Is Still Time Left!
Submit Your Conference Proposal to ELDc17 or Journal Article to ELDj


Hear the good news? Due to multiple requests, we are extending the call for Conference Proposals and Journal Articles to December 12th.

Visit for details on ELDc17 and for details on ELDj.

And submitting couldn’t be easier!

  • Conference session proposals require a 500-word (max.) abstract.
    Visit Proposal FAQ for more information
  • Article submissions for ELDj can be “full papers” (2500-4500 words), OR, can be a 1000-word (max.) Brief or Trend.
    Visit Article Guidelines  for more information.

Submit your conference proposal or journal submission today!


You can find us on Facebook for ELDc and ELDj, Google+, and Twitter!

Use the hashtag #eldc17 for the conference, #eldj for the journal.



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ELDc believes that when innovative and intellectual practices stimulate a students and educators ability to learn, the learning environment is enhanced. When teaching, learning, and technology converge we find the potential for an inclusive learning experience that is both engaging and connected to curricular needs, without being dated.

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