Emerging Learning Design Extension Announcement


Emerging Learning Design is thrilled with botht the quantity and quality of submissions we’ve received for the 7th Annual ELD Conference and the ELDj Special Issue on Digital Humaities.  

Due to multiple requests, we are extending the call for Conference Proposals and Journal Articles to December 12th. Details on the extended call will be provided on Friday.  

Visit http://eld.montclair.edu for details on ELDc17 and http://eldj.montclair.edu for details on ELDj.

You can find us on Facebook for ELDc and ELDj, Google+, and Twitter!

Use the hashtag #eldc17 for the conference, #eldj for the journal.


Vote with us and take our SnapShot Poll today! Visit http://eld.montclair.edu and scroll to the bottom.  Our current Snapshot Poll question is: “In your opinion, on average, how much technology is being used in the classroom today?”

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