Christina Bazemore is a Content Development Coordinator at Oddcast.  She received her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University and her Master’s Degree in Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom from Walden University. She was a classroom teacher for nearly twenty years. Her teaching career included researching best practices of technology integration focusing in the areas of reading/grammar, writing and math for the K-5 classrooms. Other career highlights include development and implementation of a county wide technology progress report that focused on ISTE, national technology standards, to use to communicate with the parents and administration to show students’ progress in the technology lab.  In the leadership role for her peers, she took on the role as technology trainer and support personnel to the Mamie Lou Gross Elementary school faculty and staff by providing group and one on one training sessions in the area of technology hardware and software integration, design and trouble shooting.  She collaborated with Special Education teachers by designing a technology integrated curriculum that met special education student’s needs, focusing in the areas of Autism and Learning Disabilities in Math and ELA, in order to help the students meet and exceed their IEP goals. She developed an instructional program that Integrated Personal Data Assistants into the Math and Writing curriculum for 5th Grade students that was highlighted on the Jacksonville Florida Action4 News and interviewed by Mark Spain in 2005.  Her research interests include Exploring Technology to Address Student Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles and Teaching Mathematics with Technology.

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