Beverly Margolies

Beverly Margolies holds a Master’s in Educational Technology from NJCU.  As the Academic Web Designer and Content Manager at Bergen Community College (BCC), Beverly designs and develops new websites and dynamic web forms to automate workflows throughout the college. Beverly has implemented new strategies to facilitate compliance with Middle States, including her creation of Syllabi-Central. She created BCC’s Center for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation website, with a focus on the Armenian Genocide.

In her prior role as Instructional Designer Beverly helped faculty integrate innovative technologies in their online  and hybrid courses through workshops, video tutorials and individual sessions. She created an Instructor Channel on Youtube (BergenCITL) with Video tutorials on use of Moodle LMS and Gradebook.

Beverly has led the integration of VOKI in faculty Moodle shells and on BCC’s online services website.   In addition to VOKI, Beverly has  presented “Facebook for Collaborative Learning” workshops at prior BCC and  NJEdge events.


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