The Modern Library

Presented By: Valeria Molteni, Teresa Slobuski

Keywords: Communities, Libraries, and Maker Space

During the last fifteen years, a remarkable shift in the academic library paradigm has occured, moving from the concept as a depository of books to an engaging space to study and research for the campus community. This change has brought about many discussions by campus stakeholders, some who still see the library as only a place to keep and preserve information. However, libraries today are more related to the concept of intentional learning rather than the historical concept as a place for the conservation of information. Libraries have always been and continue to be a place of spontaneous and serendipitous learning as well as community hubs. By engaging students who use the space, libraries can grow to be more intentional learning centers on campus and fill the needs of an ever changing academic community.

This presentation will discuss the place of a library on campuses today and engage the participants in a discussion about how libraries can better serve as educational centers tomorrow. By the end of the concurrent session, participants will take away 1) An informed notion of the current uses of library spaces, 2) Knowledge of the evolution of library spaces linked to the learning experience, and 3) Ideas for integrating the “new” library into educational practices

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