The Ultimate Course Search Learning Tool

Presented By: Edina Renfro-Michel

Keywords: Open Source, Mobile Learning, and Learning Analytics

Millennial students are changing traditional university courses. As a group, they prefer control of their learning and ways to individualize course material. Millennial students require easy to navigate information in order to conserve study time and allow for other nonacademic activities. Currently in its second year of usage, the Ultimate Course Search (UCS) tool, a research project funded by an NSF grant, is an open source technology developed to help students individualize their learning. UCS was previously presented in its beta form at the 2014 ELD conference. This presentation will update participants on the current data associated with the usage of this tool, as well as demonstrate the newest version of UCS. We will present research results indicating a significantly lower attrition rate for the courses where UCS was available as compared to courses where it wasn’t used. We will also foster a discussion with participants, hypothesizing reasons for data results, and possible future directions of the research.

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