Sonify Your Lesson Using aQWERTYon

Presented By: Sharon Leshner

Keywords: New Literacies, Open Source, Repurposing Tech

The aQWERTYon is an interactive web application that enables users to intuitively add sound to Youtube videos using nothing but the “Qwerty” keyboard. Participants in the “Sonify Your Lesson using aQWERTYon” workshop will learn how the “aQWERTYon” can infuse creative expression with sound into lessons. Through playing, listening, and making choices about what they create, participants will develop their interpretation and critical thinking skills around a topic.

The aQWERTYon is a web interface currently in development at New York University’s Music Experience Design Lab (MusEDlab). We are using an iterative design process to develop the app with teachers, students and teaching artists across multiple ages and subjects. By contributing to this workshop, participants will play an active role in helping develop the “aQWERTYon” for a diverse range of teaching and learning settings.

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