Characteristics of the Millennials, creating best practices

Presented By: Salvatore Ferraro

Keywords: Learning Spaces, Classroom Practices, and Collaboration

The presentation will be an overview of the characteristics of Millennials and results of the survey. The goal of the presentation is to discuss the characteristics of the Millennials and translate this into an effective method of teaching Millennials. The topics will be how the Millennials were raised and how this can be used to improve the learning environment. Upon completion of the session, participants will have a better understanding of the Millennials and the characteristics they are looking for in the classroom. Participants will have received the key characteristics of the Millennial generation, how they were raised, traits of Millennials, and what they want to achieve. Participants will also have the results of the survey taken by the current Millennials on what motivates them and what they want to see in the class. The last thing the participants will take away from this session will be how to create a learning environment for Millennials. This will be developed while working in the groups.

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