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Vincent Oria, Ph.D. is an associate professor of computer science at NJIT. His research focuses on the management of non-conventional data. His research interests include multimedia databases, spatial databases, and recommender systems. Trajectory datasets have become more and more available and the problems concerning the transmission and the storage of such data have become prominent with the continuous increase in volume of these data. Vincent Oria made contributions to the representation, indexing, and retrieval of these data .  Vincent Oria is also working in Multimedia Databases and led a project that built a photo album manager that integrates state of the art techniques of both database systems and computer vision. This work proposes to publishers a privacy-preserving shareable photo album manager where the publisher decides what each user is allowed to see depending on a trust system controlled by the publisher. PI Oria has been particularly active lately in the area of effective similarity search in high dimensional spaces. The solutions proposed apply to applications such as Web search engines, Multimedia databases and Recommender Systems where objects and users are represented as vectors in high dimensional spaces. Vincent Oria is the principal investigator of the NSF funded iSECURE project.


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