Ursula Wolz

Google Sites as a Portfolio for Process Assessment

Ursula Wolz, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur developing computing systems for personal growth. Her scholarship is at the intersection of interactive computing and computing education. She studies architectures for interactive stories and games, and how those architectures support learning, especially learning programming languages. She was the PI on the NSF “Broadening Participation in Computing via Community Journalism for Middle Schoolers” program, the PI on a Microsoft Research project on Multidisciplinary Game Development, and most recently the co-PI of the NSF EAGER Project “Toward a Climate for Interdisciplinary Computing.” She is a recognized computer science educator with a broad range of publications who has taught students including disabled children, urban teachers, and undergraduates for over 30 years. She is also a co-founder of the Interactive Multimedia Program at The College of New Jersey.

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