Designing Multimodal Digital Assessments

Jennifer Kingma Wall

This session will introduce participants to methods for designing multimodal digital assessments: projects or compositions, that ask students to use multiple modes of meaning-making and communicating, in a digital format, using digital programs or web 2.0 technology. The session will briefly overview the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of multimodal digital assessments, then will focus on methods for designing multimodal assessments and implementing the assessments in courses. The session will include a presentation of examples of multimodal digital assessments and the resulting student work, as well as an explication of the design process for those assessments. Depending on the audience, the presentation will either include a session where the participants will review a sample assessment to critique and improve the design, or, if the participants already have multimodal digital assessments in development, the session will include time for critique and feedback on those assessments.


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