The 2014 Emerging Learning Design Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to announce a new logo.

A review of the current logo was prompted by input from many of our subscribers, presenters, and attendees.  In late 2011 ELD ran a logo design competition.  On January 24th we announced our winner, designed by then high school senior Jessica Gambino.


The simple design, with just a dot of color, and a computer cursor to the right, was very appealing to the competition review committee.  Over time, and with usage, the design has stood up well.  The only aspect that was questioned was the cursor.  Although the concept of a cursor mixed with emerging technology was appealing, the line itself confused people.

After careful consideration, the ELD14 Organizing Committee approved removal of the cursor, leaving the remainder of the logo intact.

New ELD logo

The Journal of Emerging Learning Design will soon announce its own logo, a variation on the above, with a lower case J being added after the red dot.  Look for that announcement soon.

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