Etextbook with Google Earth Development: Integrating SOA Technologies for Learning with Research

Catherine Alexander holds degrees from three of New Jersey’s finest institutions of higher education. She came well prepared to Montclair State University (MSU) in the Fall of 2009 to earn a PhD, Environmental Management. She already held an Associates in the Arts and Sciences from Ocean County College, two Baccalaureate degrees, Chemical Biology from Stevens Institute of Technology and Plant Science/Agricultural Science regarding soil fertility as it pertains to organic agriculture production from Cook College, Rutgers University, and a Master of Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Groundwater and Soil Pollution Control, again from STEVENS.  She has professionally engaged in environmental management issues in the private and public sectors, seeking to bridge the human ecological interface with resilient, sustainable designs and practices. Catherine has provided a well-received and approved dissertation proposal that focuses on urban agriculture and its potential for contributing to local and global food security, with related ecological resiliencies and best management practices that provide added value toward sustainability. She has also developed, taught, and continues to teach a four-credit Introduction to Marine Sciences lecture and laboratory course that engages undergraduate science and non-science majors at MSU, utilizing Etechnologies, including a comprehensive Etextbook and Google Earth development that provides hands on virtual research with related terrestrial and oceanic data layers. She is here today to provide us with a broad overview of this course regarding its associated Etechnologies.

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