Fibber: A Game To Reflect on Deception in Political Messaging

The upcoming, first presidential elections since Citizens United v. FEC, means an ever-increasing role of political advertisements which, according to the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, are too often riddled with deception and confusion. Framed within the context of changes to financing political ads and exponential growth in social media and online gaming, this talk walks through Fibber a game designed to increase self-reflection on one’s susceptibility to deception in an effort to heighten fact-checking around political messaging. Fibber – designed and developed at New York University – seeks to go beyond delivering content but instead target self-reflection to promote shifts in perspective and behavior. The talk will walk through the online game, and associated research-based game design principles for promoting self-reflection. Participants will leave the session asking themselves how self-reflection can aid in furthering other social justice issues and how the design principles discussed in the session can help guide that design process.

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