Reinventing Language Learning & Teaching for the 21st Century

For centuries Latin teachers and students alike have been stuck in an antiquated model of Latin learning and teaching.  Latin teacher, Giselle Furlonge, and eight 10th grade students at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia, PA, are currently developing an infrastructure for Latin language learning that creates an “immersion” environment for Latin students through the use of technology.  In the Digital Media & Latin course, students evaluate both traditional and non-traditional models of language learning, assessing each one based on merits of student engagement as well as effective language learning.

This presentation will allow teachers to hear directly from students about the types of activities and methodologies that foster student learning.  We will look at traditional pedagogical models and also present new ideas for how to increase student engagement for more meaningful and enjoyable language learning.  Students have self-selected into 3 areas of interest within the class: 1) Gaming, 2) Social Networking, and 3) Augmented Reality (3D) and are considering the ways in which each category can facilitate student learning, and even improve student motivation.  This conversation hopes to go beyond language learning, and will consider the practices that best engage and challenge both students and teachers.

Ms. Furlonge will be joined by 8 of her students for this presentation: Scott Salisbury, Emily Miller-McGlone, Corinne Leard, Winter Chernak, Caroline Canning, Courtney Hamilton, Morgan Schneer, and Anna Kuo

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