Living the Learning: Teaching Business School Case Studies Online

How do online educators construct authentic, immersive learning experiences that prepare students for the world outside the classroom?

At NYU-SCPS, we have developed a model where students in the M.S. in Human Resource Management and Development program become members of virtual consulting firms.  The instructor serves as both the Chief Executive Officer of the firm and the teacher.  The course begins when students join the virtual class and the instructor welcomes the firm’s newest members and introduces the firm’s core purpose and envisioned future.

In this session, the presenters, both instructors at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, will model approaches used to create authentic, immersive and challenging online learning experiences that prepare students to lead change within their firms.  Participants in the session will:

* Analyze and discuss a short business school case study

* Gain an understanding of how to conduct case study discussions in an online classroom

* Be able to apply these techniques in their own online classes.

Finally, the presenters will share examples from real classes that show how learning journals, discussion forums and team projects complete the learning experience.  We will allow ample time for discussion around online case-based instruction and questions and answers.

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