Bringing Pedagogy and Technology Together

Montclair State University has been moving quickly in developing its online degree programs, as well as individual online courses. In order to ensure high-quality online education, a social interaction-embedded online course content development model has been developed. The model is referred to as OCIA, which includes Orientation, Content, Interaction and Assessment. An online course template has also been developed to facilitate a social interactive learning atmosphere rooted in Quality Matters’ rubric.   The OCIA model and course template serve as a systematic methodology to design and develop online courses.

In order to support faculty teaching online, Montclair State University had developed two tracks of professional development for faculty: Pedagogical Track and Technology Track. The pedagogical track of the faculty development program is intended to provide faculty with an overview of teaching and learning online, an introduction of various pedagogical considerations, an orientation of the best online practices, and provide a guideline for integrating appropriate instructional technologies to facilitate online teaching and learning. These components are necessary to offer a quality online learning experience for students. The technology track is facilitated to offer faculty with understanding of how to utilize the university-wide learning management system to serve online teaching. They also learn about integrating appropriate technologies into teaching and student learning.

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