Session Differences

As we approach our January 2nd deadline for the Call for Submissions, we’ve received a few questions about what the difference is between the session types.  Here is a brief explanation.

  • The Concurrent sessions are 45 minutes long, including Q&A, they can be done individually, as a group, as a panel, pretty much like what most folks are used to seeing at a conference.  There will be multiple concurrent sessions going on simultaneously and we have two concurrent slots – 10am and 1:30pm
  • The 3×15 are like TED talks, if you’re familiar with those.  There will be three 3×15 session selected and each presentation will last 15 minutes each (hence 3 x 15).  Unlike the Concurrent sessions, where attendees will be in various locations, everyone will be in the main room for the 3×15 sessions, which will happen consecutively (as opposed to concurrently).
  • The Ignite! Sessions are a lot of fun.  20 slides, 5 minutes, the slides are time at 15 seconds each and the presenter does not control the transition of one slide to the next, its automatic.  The plan is to have 8 of these in a consecutively.
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