Joshua Adam Danish, PhD

In his dual roles of professor and researcher, Joshua believes that no one learns alone. We’re all part of larger, more complex systems made up of people and the tools they use. To explore learning in these systems, Joshua experiments with computer simulations, augmented reality, programming languages, and other technologies in and out of the classroom. Whether teaching K-12 students about bees by allowing them to experiment with a swarm of bees in a computer simulation or teaching physics in an augmented reality where students get to manipulate physical laws, Joshua’s work combines play, technology, and active learning. He recently received honorable mention for the international Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) for his work with incorporating the Sakai learning management system into his graduate level courses.  Joshua is currently an Assistant Professor in the Learning Sciences program at Indiana University.  Prior to his academic career, Joshua also spent seven years as a software engineer, designer, and producer in the educational software industry. To find out more about Joshua’s research and to see samples of his more recent software check out his website at


  1. […] sit-down dinner will take place after the conference.  Our special guests will be Keynote Speaker Dr. Joshua Danish and Conference Chair AJ Kelton.  In addition, there will be key participants from  our […]

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