Open Learning Through Open Textbooks

Concurrent: Ken Ronkowitz
Open Learning Through Open Textbooks
An NJEDge.Net Sponsored Session

Open Textbooks combine eTextbooks and Open Educational  Resources and are helping to drive  a growing number of emerging high school and higher education models.  Open Textbooks are free, or very nearly free, electronic textbooks that are also editable so instructors can customize content. They are cross-platform compatible, printable, and accessible so they work with adaptive technology. This session will look at the opportunities to find, adopt and even author open textbooks.


  1. This presentation and others and more information on electronic textbooks and open textbooks is available online at

  2. Kirk McDermid says:

    The problem I see with this field of open texts is that it’s, well, messy. There are fragments of texts, you have to look in dozens of places to scout stuff out… I guess that’s what publishers/editors are for, eh? If it’s in a field I know, then I have enough knowledge to see lots of places to tweak & improve – so I should just write students my own text. (But then I feel like that about lots of publishers’ texts, too…) If I don’t know a lot about it, then I get suspicious I’m not judging its quality accurately…

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