What’s (y)our Ecological Address?

Concurrent: Billy Goodman
What’s (y)our Ecological Address?
An MSU Network for Educational Renewal Sponsored Event

Teachers wouldn’t dream of offering a cooking class without a kitchen or a piano class without pianos.  But they often teach environmental science without going outside.  This talk will focus on using field work, data, and geospatial technologies, such as mapping software and satellite data, to inspire more committed teaching and to stimulate learning.  It is by now a cliche that in the age of the internet students can find just about any “fact” they want, but must get better training in critical thinking skills.  The activities described here, such as collecting genuine data, mapping those data, analyzing the map and publishing it for others to see and critique on the web, all have the potential to improve critical thinking and–no less important–to develop environmentally aware citizens.


  1. Here’s a link to view my presentation, which is a Prezi:


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