Measuring Motivation Activation in a Virtual World

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Measuring Motivation Activation in a Virtual World

This presentation reports on Communibiological research conducted within a virtual world. The participants in this study completed the experiment within Second Life. The work of Castronova & Falk (2009) provides a base for experimentation in virtual words that this research builds on. Also, based on previous research, sensation seeking has been associated with behavior in novel situations. A virtual world’s participants are predicted to show a high appetitive and low aversive affect compared to the previous populations studied. This study collects individual Motivational Activation Measures of virtual world residents (N= 500), using the Virtual Data Collection Interface, and compares them to previous results. This study found that Second Life, using the Virtual Data Collection Interface was
sufficient to conduct research but the results showed a lack of risk taking or risk avoiding subjects. This work helps validate the Motivation Activation Measure by expanding the pool of participants and the motivational activation measures of virtual world participants may be helpful to game developers, educators and media researchers.


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