Using the Web to Enhance Teaching in the Arts

Concurrent: Ting Ho
Using the Web to Enhance Teaching in the Arts
Except in those cases where the web is the focus of their art, most artists are notoriously reticent in seeing any relevance of web capabilities, especially for their pedagogical needs. But with the growing popularity of distance learning, teachers in the various arts disciplines are not only finding many of these web capabilities useful tools for their course needs, but are designing courses that are being delivered entirely online. This session will explore uses of the technology, available websites and products. Examples of teaching strategies for the various arts disciplines will also be examined for their strengths and difficulties, and session attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences.


  1. I am interested in attending the conference on June 3rd. Let me know if I need to do anything ahead of time. I am very interested in discussing how industrial design or other art/design classes may be taught on-line or as a hybrid.

    W. L. Parsons, PhD
    Industrial Design

    • You need to register, if you’ve not done so already. You can register at You will need a code to get the MSU discount. If you do not have that code, you can contact Ting or myself by email.

    • Ting Ho says:


      Thanks for your interest in getting courses in industrial/art design online or hybrid. At the session, I’ll be giving a basic description on getting a course into online or hybrid format, focusing on some special needs of arts disciplines. But I’ll allow time to discuss needs of particular disciplines with, I hope, much participation from our session attendees (my specialization is music, but I know there will be folks from other disciplines with online/hybrid experience attending).

      Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!


  2. My PowerPoint presentation is posted on my website, address above. When there, click on the “Distance Learning Tab”.


  3. AJ Kelton says:

    Here is a direct link to the slide presentation

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